As ICT (Information & Communications Technology) networks are now much more business focused, the challenge of minimizing system downtime has become exceptionally important for businesses in order to remain operational. ICT tools and techniques have been incorporated into every aspect of business operation to such an extent that any obstruction can harm business efficiency and productivity dramatically. Today every business needs to adopt IT support services of some kind to keep its IT networks running smoothly.

The main objective of successful business IT support is to ensure that potential disruptions to the business originating from anywhere within the IT infrastructure are minimised, and appropriate support services are available to provide a quick, reliable and effective resolution that is fully compatible with the business needs.

Whether the support is provided internally by an individual/team, or externally by an outsourced specialist supplier, the benefits of having a strong business IT support function will have a positive impact on all areas of the business and will be evidenced by:

  • A stable working environment with minimal level of business disruption

  • Improved user experience resulting in improved productivity

  • Confidence in making commitments eg, order delivery, project deadlines

  • More professional reputation with prospects, clients and suppliers           

  • Competitive advantage over companies with less robust systems

  • Awareness of new technologies, and ability to adopt them easily

  • Stability to consider plans for future expansion or diversification

IT support companies have emerged in great numbers over recent years to meet the growing needs of a technologically advancing world that is constantly evolving and expanding. As small businesses tend to have a tighter budget to work with than a larger corporation, you need to ensure that you employ an IT service provider that fits your financial needs as well as your current and future IT needs.

Information Security Management

In businesses today, information held electronically in computers such as accounts, personnel records, product drawings, manufacturing data, sales/marketing campaigns and email, is more important than the hardware which houses it. Such information is vital to the continuing running of the business and yet it often is less secure than the £50 in the petty cash box.

If someone stole your petty cash you’d soon find out. But if someone stole a copy of a data file, for instance your customer list, would you know immediately? An effective information security management process is essential in order to protect this vital resource.

The objective of information security management is to implement appropriate measures in order to eliminate, or at least minimise, the impact that security related threats can have on your organisation. Crucial risks to the business need to be understood and made secure. Although these risks can change on a daily basis, if handled correctly, the benefits will soon be realised.

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