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The Human Resources business function has developed in the latter years of the 20th century from the basic ‘Personnel Department’ to an integral part of a business structure. No longer a pure administrative department, Human Resources professionals operate as business partners, managing the staffing levels and costs to deliver the business strategy effectively and efficiently.

Whilst maintaining the standard functions of staff administration, such as payroll, pensions and employment records, other specialist activities include reward and remuneration strategy, legal compliance procedures, staff assessment, development and performance management, and bespoke training. Most importantly, Human Resources professionals put in place the processes and procedures to support effective staff management and to leave other company managers ‘structure free’ to focus on managing the business rather than dealing with the minefield which is current employment legislation.

Amongst other benefits, Human Resources professionals can help your company:

  • Maintain the workforce at the right level to meet your business objectives, either through effective recruitment or through proper management of downsizing and redundancy

  • Maximise the contribution of your workforce to meet your business objectives through skills assessment and targeted training activities

  • Provide the policy framework and associated procedures to make sure your workforce is treated fairly and equitably and that you are acting as a good employer

  • Promote good employment relations through effective communication strategies

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