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Quality management systems exist for a diverse range of industries, but all follow the same concept of the basic ISO 9001, that is to offer a framework or a set of guidelines within which a business should operate.  By clearing defining, documenting and then controlling their business processes as guided by the standard, a business can expect to take steps to remove the waste and variation across their operation and start to realise true benefits to the bottom line.

Here are some typical activities and benefits companies can realise from adopting a quality management approach:

  • Controlled processing of orders enabling specifications, deliveries and costings to be met

  • Customer satisfaction to encourage repeat orders

  • Root cause analysis to prevent recurrence of problems

  • Reduction in waste and variation resulting in real time bottom line benefit

  • Identification of training needs and requirements leading to improved morale

  • Flow-charted procedures facilitating a move to streamlined and leaner processes

  • Recognised approval to facilitate a smoother tendering process and more business

Health & Safety may not be exciting, but it is vital that companies take this seriously. It has become increasingly litigious, and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. It is essential that any organisation employing five or more people, or any self-employed person, must have a written health and safety policy including associated documentation with written risk assessments.

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